Animals Inside Out

This trip was such an outstanding experience that it deserves a post of its own: for a limited time, one of Gunther von Hagens’ Animals Inside Out exhibitions is on display at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle.

I’d known months in advance that it was coming, and knew that I couldĀ notĀ miss out. Rowena and I had booked train tickets for an early train down the East coast line, and arranged to meet an old friend of mine, and her flatmate, in Newcastle.

After a long week of lectures, dragging myself out of bed early on Saturday was a monumental effort. But adventure awaits! Continue Reading!


Homeward Bound

I’m going home!

I’ve loved every second of my first semester at the Dick Vet, but it’s been a very long haul, and the thought of going home to my beautiful house, and the family I have inside, is absolutely wonderful. There’s really is nothing more that I’d want for Christmas.

My train leaves at 16:30 today, and it’s a stunning two and a half hour journey down the East coast back to the best county of them all: Yorkshire!

To say that this semester has been a steep learning curve would be a major understatement. Continue reading!