The Goose Is Getting Fat!

So, semester one is almost at a close – one week left to go! It’s been something like 12 weeks since I was last home, but I think everyone here feels as if it’s been a century. I’ll save the speech, though, just in case this next week finishes me off!

The highlight of Monday, if Mondays can have highlights, was receiving the cell bio presentation results back way earlier than expected. Continue reading!


Raining Cats & Dogs

No kidding, the sunshine has packed its bags and moved on! Or at least, I thought it had when I began this post. When it came to opening my curtains, however, Mother Nature had changed her mind. Rowena and I have concluded that she’s currently undecided as to whether she wants to identify as Winter or Spring. It’s a very personal choice, I understand, but I hope she makes her mind up soon.

There’s been a crazy mixture of heavy rain, snow, gale-force wind, and now sunshine. But in the end, perspective is important and, as we all know, Britain as a whole does not cope well with snow. Continue reading!