Do You Feel Ready?

What kind of question is that?

If you’ve ever sat an exam at any point in your life, you’ll have had to answer this question. It’s a universal attempt to make conversation with someone who can’t think about anything but their imminent nightmare. And it’s usually said with a half-joking, half-grimacing smile, because everybody already knows the answer: no, absolutely bloody not.

But instead of being honest, the reply is always a strained and panicked laugh followed by that classic line, Continue reading!


It’s Not Brain Surgery

Southside without students is like Camden Town without bohemians – quiet, and empty. For the first two weeks of my semester, the city around campus was pretty much derelict, save for the occasional vet student. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m a raging socialite, but their absence meant the people-watching from my kitchen was pants for the entire fortnight.

Where was everybody?

At home. Still on Christmas break. By the time they all began trickling in for the start of their semester, the vet meds had sat an exam, finished the entire renal module, and begun the endocrinology module. Vet school waits for nobody.

I’m pretty sure the last time I wrote was just before my December exams. Apologies for the radio silence, I’m sure you’ll forgive me once I’ve regaled you with everything that has occurred since! Continue reading!

Till The Cows Come Home

There’s something oddly feminine about a cow.


Maybe its the gentle eyes, with their long lashes, or the delicate placement of each hoof on the ground, or perhaps the soft blowing of her breath as she investigates your hands. Despite her size, sometimes she’s just such a lady.

And yet at exactly the same moment, she’s seven hundred kilos of bellowing, farting and crapping. Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole

I think it’s fair to say that by the end of term, we were all more than a little frayed around the edges…

Looking back on my timetable for that last week, the lectures don’t sound all that familiar. It says we covered things like chronic inflammation, hypersensitivity, healing and haemostasis, but I don’t really recall much about any of that – what attention span!?

What I do recall is Thursday’s suspense in anticipation of our AB1 exam results. As per usual, our year coordinator waited until the very last minute to update our online profiles, and when I did look, I didn’t fully understand it. Continue reading!

The Goose Is Getting Fat!

So, semester one is almost at a close – one week left to go! It’s been something like 12 weeks since I was last home, but I think everyone here feels as if it’s been a century. I’ll save the speech, though, just in case this next week finishes me off!

The highlight of Monday, if Mondays can have highlights, was receiving the cell bio presentation results back way earlier than expected. Continue reading!