It’s Not Brain Surgery

Southside without students is like Camden Town without bohemians – quiet, and empty. For the first two weeks of my semester, the city around campus was pretty much derelict, save for the occasional vet student. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m a raging socialite, but their absence meant the people-watching from my kitchen was pants for the entire fortnight.

Where was everybody?

At home. Still on Christmas break. By the time they all began trickling in for the start of their semester, the vet meds had sat an exam, finished the entire renal module, and begun the endocrinology module. Vet school waits for nobody.

I’m pretty sure the last time I wrote was just before my December exams. Apologies for the radio silence, I’m sure you’ll forgive me once I’ve regaled you with everything that has occurred since! Continue reading!


Understanding Me

So after living through this week, I can confidently say that university has begun. No more faffing, no more introductions, no more being led by the hand. This is the real thing.

I’m not complaining, far from it. It’s precisely what I expected, and even though I find myself saying things like, “Why on earth do I need to know this stuff?” and “There’s too much stuff, how am I meant to learn it all?” it’s infinitely better than being fed comparatively bland A Level material at a slow rate of knots. At the moment, it’s nice to pick up the pace.

But essentially, moving away from everything and everyone I know, and being in such a different place, has finally caught up with me. At first it was so overwhelming and novel that it was easiest just to be swept along and ride it all with a smile. But the tsunami of introductions and information has passed, and I’m now left kind of drifting in this great big new place. … Continue reading!