Mr. Big Bollocks & The Palatini Bros.

Thought I’d open with a bang, hence the catchy title. So, what’s been occurring?

Well, I’m stressfully approaching two assessments in cell biology, the first of which will take place this wednesday, and the other two weeks after that. The one that looms over my coming week is a presentation which, mercifully, will last only 6-8 minutes and have an audience of 5 people. Only thing is, the fifth will be some PhD (literal) world expert in what I’m talking about. Which means, unlike secondary school, I can’t just blag it with long words shoehorned into even more elaborate sentences. But what am I talking about? ‘The Squid’s Contribution to our Understanding of Excitable Cells’.

Yeah, I know, contain your excitement please, ladies and gents. What that really means is: physics.

My talk, if I, by some miracle, manage to say it like I’ve written it out, should last six and a half minutes… spot on. Continue reading!


I think I’ve been going to the wrong lectures

I’d be fibbing if I tried to glorify this week by saying it was amazing… because it was, mathematically speaking, very average. What’s the phrase? Regression to the mean.

In other words, the last seven days have been a hodgepodge of great highs and really, really bad lows. As a result, I can’t subjectively evaluate it as either good or bad on account of either set of events. Therefore, objectively, it’s been average.

The above is an example of how I like to break life down – scientifically. And I should hope so, too, given that I’ve committed to study for five years at one of the world’s top ten veterinary institutions under the tutelage of world leaders in clever crap like genetics.

And so I applied my mind to conclude something relatively simple: Freshers’ Week is over. I didn’t get Freshers’ Flu. I now won’t get Freshers’ Flu.

I astound myself sometimes. …Continue reading!

Understanding Me

So after living through this week, I can confidently say that university has begun. No more faffing, no more introductions, no more being led by the hand. This is the real thing.

I’m not complaining, far from it. It’s precisely what I expected, and even though I find myself saying things like, “Why on earth do I need to¬†know this stuff?” and “There’s too much stuff, how am I meant to learn it all?” it’s infinitely better than being fed comparatively bland A Level material at a slow rate of knots. At the moment, it’s nice to pick up the pace.

But essentially, moving away from everything and everyone I know, and being in such a different place, has finally caught up with me. At first it was so overwhelming and novel that it was easiest just to be swept along and ride it all with a smile. But the tsunami of introductions and information has passed, and I’m now left kind of drifting in this great big new place. … Continue reading!

The Four Muskevets: An Introduction

It occurred to me after my last post that there were two things that I’d failed to talk to you about. One is more of a fun baptism into the Scottish culture which could have waited until another post. But the other is significantly more important and has been mostly missing from my previous posts.

That is, the four muskevets themselves.

Now that I’ve been mentioned in one of their posts, I feel like I can talk freely about their identities to you. Besides, I think I’d better get in there and say some nice stuff before others introduce me, for brownie points and the like. …Continue reading!