Pig In A Poke

It was like moving into uni all over again, hefting great bags of stuff up the stairs to my room. Am I really only staying for five days? Crikey!

And this was my home for the week, at the agricultural college that had the pig unit:



The farm manager turned to look at me, “This one’s yours. There’s another vet student here… this is Ana. Ana, Elise. The pig unit is round the corner, past the otters and meerkats, and then the third door on the left. Tomorrow is a 5am start, because the pigs are going to market, is that okay?”

When is that ever okay, man? No, I really don’t want to get up at half 4 on a Monday morning to send pigs to their deaths. Do you know how much of a morning person I amĀ not? Continue Reading!