Appreciate the (Very) Little Things

Like staphylococcus aureus, or escherichia coli… or candida albicans. On second thoughts, probably not candida.

But given that you are half-bacteria by cell count (yes, really), I think we owe the little guys some credit. You’ll have to forgive the apparent compassion I now have for microbiota, but anthropomorphising them is quite probably the only way to survive the current stage of this degree. So belt up, you’re in for a geeky blog post. Continue reading!


Dog Tired

It was like being caught in a time loop – a striking déjà vu for nine days straight. Breakfast… study… lunch… study… tea… study… sleep… repeat.


I seemed to relive countless episodes of the same exact moment: looking across the table at Rowena and saying, “Better get back to it, then.”, before trudging back to my little room.

Studying isn’t exactly a new experience for me, hell I’ve just finished A Levels. But this time was different, simply because the volume of information was, by every definition, insurmountable. Continue reading

Diagnosis: Asparagus

The ultrasound image was… vague. As our tutor moved the transducer back and forth, it shifted into odd shapes, varying shades of grey hinting at what might lie underneath.

I tried to build a three-dimensional image from the series of cross-sections that moved past. I could see something loosely star shaped growing and then shrinking again as the transducer passed over it, with a great anechoic black hole in the centre. But it had more points than a star, and they were rounded… lobulated. You know, it looked a bit like… Continue reading