Welcome to my (not so humble) abode!

I’m in, I’m settled, and the folks have gone. I am well and truly at uni.

Pictured below is my new batcave, and I absolutely love it, so I didn’t hesitate to make it my own. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be… maybe morning yoga isn’t completely out of the question! I have a fantastic little en-suite, and I share a ‘pantry’ (relaxation/small kitchen area) with around 12 other people.

But what I really wanted to show you is the view from my window. The white building in the front is the rest of Chancellor’s Court, the building I’m living in. In the back is Arthur’s Seat, all 823 feet of it rising up from behind my halls. Unfortunately, the image doesn’t do justice to the scale of it, but even as I looked out at 09:00 am on a Sunday morning, I could see little specks traversing its steep sides. Good luck to them, I think I’ll give it a miss until I’m both fully sober and fully awake.

Equally great about this view is the way that all the people-traffic has to enter through that walkway so, considering people-watching is my thing, I’ve got it made.

Chancellor’s Court is catered, and they really do know their target audience. There is no breakfast on Sunday, there is actually a brunch that stretches across midday, which is my idea of heaven. When I did finally braved the canteen by myself, I met two lovely Swedish students who joined me at the brunch table, which showed me that the opening questions to my next week of conversations will be, “Where are you from?” and “What are you studying?”. So the only regrettable thing about my degree is that it’s such a mouthful.

Speaking of which, I’ve yet to meet a vet student, so I’m off vet hunting… if I can actually find my way out of these halls. Freshers’ Week officially begins tomorrow… let the games begin!


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