And so it begins – finally!

So, I’m officially a Dick… a Dick Vet, that is.

It still feels odd to say it, like there’s some sort of catch that might suddenly cause it all to unravel. But nope, I’ve finished the paperwork and I’m a matriculated student of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies!

The mountain of boxes in the spare room is making it all a reality, and I actually struggle to lift my box of textbooks – here’s to hoping anatomy and physiology are as fun by the end of semester one as they are now.

Yeah, there’s no denying I’m nervous and I don’t feel anywhere near ready to fly my beautiful nest, but the dream awaits! And its been a long time coming too… sometimes I found myself envying peers who did little more than submit a statement to gain entry to uni. But then I think: No. This moment, and everything that follows, wouldn’t be half as beautiful and precious if I hadn’t had to fight for it. So few get to call themselves a Dick Vet (as flattering as it is), and boy am I proud to be one of them.

Saturday 12th is moving-in day, and then I descend into the madness that is Freshers’ Week. I’ll see you there!


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