Sleep Deprivation, Scottish Lovelies & Getting Sh!*tfaced

What’s with the title!? I know, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

First of all, I need somewhere to vent my building frustration – and I’d probably end up telling you this anyway, whether you asked about it or not. Here’s the thing. I’m a vet student… in halls… surrounded by hundreds of people, mostly studying easy less demanding degrees.

It doesn’t take a member of Mensa to realise that my neighbours’ timetables and priorities are not always compatible with mine. What I’m trying to say is that they spend all night – every night – absolutely hammered. And they do it all, four to the floor, outside my door. …Continue reading!


The Four Muskevets: An Introduction

It occurred to me after my last post that there were two things that I’d failed to talk to you about. One is more of a fun baptism into the Scottish culture which could have waited until another post. But the other is significantly more important and has been mostly missing from my previous posts.

That is, the four muskevets themselves.

Now that I’ve been mentioned in one of their posts, I feel like I can talk freely about their identities to you. Besides, I think I’d better get in there and say some nice stuff before others introduce me, for brownie points and the like. …Continue reading!

Great Scott!

After three consecutive days of painfully early starts and hours of lectures, I finally ventured out into the city with my three muskevets (pictured below) to do boring adminny stuff. Surprisingly enough, we walked the whole way from our halls to Prince’s Street without a bus. Stepping out onto North Bridge revealed the most wonderful view of the city stretching out to the hills. And my suggestion? “There’s the Scott Monument! We should climb it – all the way to the top!” …Continue reading!

An unwelcome surprise

After belly laughing until midnight with my new girlfriends, followed by precisely zero hours of sleep thanks to the steady trickle of rowdy drunks returning to my halls, my first day began at 06:15 am.

A huge cloud cloaked the peak of Arthur’s Seat, and breakfast was an extremely quiet event. Fifty minutes later, and our bus unloaded us into the cathedral-like Veterinary Teaching Building at the Easter Bush campus. We were led straight from the bus into the lecture theatre in complete silence. …Continue reading!

Welcome to my (not so humble) abode!

I’m in, I’m settled, and the folks have gone. I am well and truly at uni.

Pictured below is my new batcave, and I absolutely love it, so I didn’t hesitate to make it my own. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be… maybe morning yoga isn’t completely out of the question! I have a fantastic little en-suite, and I share a ‘pantry’ (relaxation/small kitchen area) with around 12 other people.

But what I really wanted to show you is the view from my window. …Continue reading!

And so it begins – finally!

So, I’m officially a Dick… a Dick Vet, that is.

It still feels odd to say it, like there’s some sort of catch that might suddenly cause it all to unravel. But nope, I’ve finished the paperwork and I’m a matriculated student of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies!

The mountain of boxes in the spare room is making it all a reality, and I actually struggle to lift my box of textbooks – here’s to hoping anatomy and physiology are as fun by the end of semester one as they are now.

Yeah, there’s no denying I’m nervous and I don’t feel anywhere near ready to fly my beautiful nest, but the dream awaits! And its been a long time coming too… sometimes I found myself envying peers who did little more than submit a statement to gain entry to uni. But then I think: No. This moment, and everything that follows, wouldn’t be half as beautiful and precious if I hadn’t had to fight for it. So few get to call themselves a Dick Vet (as flattering as it is), and boy am I proud to be one of them.

Saturday 12th is moving-in day, and then I descend into the madness that is Freshers’ Week. I’ll see you there!